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Do Right Anyway


Yes, life is indeed a grinding stone,

And many battles you will fight alone,

Be courageous and strong,

Do right instead of wrong,

And if you have to suffer,

Then do the right anyway.


A man is only a man, when he stands alone,

To suffer for his moral scruples,

When the storm is raging,

And the billows roll,

He stands tall, praise God,

He does the right anyway.


When your body gets weak from

The cares of life,

When you’re wary, worn out and sad,

When the world around you

Is about to crumble and fall,

Get on your knees and have a

Heart to heart talk with God.

Do right anyway.

by HPC


Take a Stand My Boy


Stand tall and take life’s blows my boy,

Take blows like a seasoned man,

For if you are to stand tall my boy,

Your courage must be strong.

Staring at the future, boy,

With glaring eyes of steel,

Will you take a stoic stand my boy?

For justice, honor and ideal?

You must forever stand my boy,

Stand tall as Everest!

With a valiant heart most brave, my boy,

Like a Grecian warrior, stand.

Serve your native land my boy,

Stand favored with the blessed,

And when your night shall come, my boy

Enjoy your eternal rest.

by HPC

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