Andros, Land of Dreams


Andros is the land of dreams,

With enchanting Blue Holes

And meandering streams.

Chic Charneys flirt from tree to tree,

Cute little elves, so fine and free.

Bright green pine trees, dense and hot,

Are stirred by cool winds from the North,

Sweet smelling pine cones dot the ground,

Where curious creepy crabs sleep so sound.

Wild hogs run ‘round wet and wild,

Eating the counties with a smile,

The hunter creeps up with steady aim,

And wild hog souse brings new fame.

Our spring water is Bahamas Best,

Nassauvians’ demand is no guess,

Our vegies and crabs on the Lisa are sent,

To cover our mortgage and food and rent.

by HPC


The Crawfish

He muses alone on the continental shelf,

While men discuss his future,

He thinks of perils for himself,

His life is a dismal picture.


His sky is the aqua of the sea,

His shelf the Temple of Bounty,

This transmits a message to me,

Live a long life full of beauty.


To man he is a tasty dish,

He is eaten with great pleasure,

To find him someday will be our wish,

‘Cause his life-span is short measure.


Preserve me now, he sadly cries,

My species must be protected,

To the ocean blue I lift my eyes,

Pray, have me not rejected. 

by HPC