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 . . but when I want to save a change in the second project it says, ¨are not allowed to save´ I think the problem is not in the second project because the second project has a lot of.J3 files to simulate and verify the.sch file. So I ask you if I can read the.sch file in the first project and save it in the second project or if I have to read the.sch file in the second project . . ... thank you very much in advance . . . . . . .  A: Sorry, I'm a little late with this answer, but in the mean time, I have just had a similar issue. In order to "share" a project between multiple Altium instances, you need to make sure that: The.sch project file is saved in the "Save As..." dialog (not the "Copy" dialog). The new.sch project file is saved in the same folder as the.sch file of the original project. I'm sure this has been covered elsewhere on the internet, but here are the links I found through a quick google search: Q: Map not applied to ArrayList inside a class I have an application that reads about 1000 lines from a file and uses the information to make a list of customers. I am trying to print the last name of the customer to console but when I try to use my map I get an error. My Customer class: public class Customer { private String lastName; private String firstName; private String address; public Customer(String firstName, String lastName, String address) { this.firstName = firstName; this.lastName = lastName; this.address = address; } public String getLastName() { return this.lastName; public




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