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Dr. Christie is an experienced Consultant Psychiatrist and Substance Misuse Specialist for over two decades. PHA 2023, Performance Excellence Program (PEP) winner of the clinical excellence award for physicicans. 


He received his Medical and Specialty degrees from The University of The West Indies. He is an alumnus of Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia. He serves as a Clinical Tutor for The University of The West Indies. Additionally, he is the National Director for Addiction Services for The Bahamas and serves as a Committee Member on the National Drug Council and the Mental Health Tribunal of The Bahamas.


Moreover, he  has a vast experience in the diagnosis and management of substance misuse disorders; buprenorphine and office-based management of opioid use disorders; problem gambling; disordered gambling; behavioral disorders; mood disorders; grief; anxiety disorders; phobias; acute stress disorders; post traumatic stress disorders; trauma; sleep disorders; obsessive compulsive disorders; somatoform and other related disorders; personality disorders; eating disorders and psychotic disorders. Evaluations for emotional support animals (ESA) and airline travel certifications for ESA. 

Dr. Kirk Christie

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